Jon b. and JT in 1

Thicke cover

1. Got 2 Be Down
2. Complicated
3. Would That Make U Love Me
4. Lost Without U
5. Ask Myself
6. All Night Long
7. Everything I Can’t Have
8. Teach U A Lesson
9. I Need Love
10. Wanna Love U Girl
11. Can U Believe
12. Shooter
13. Cocaine
14. 2 The Sky
15. Lonely World
16. Angels

I first heard about Robin Thicke some time ago. Andre Harrell had started a new label a few years ago and he had an artist he felt would change the game. I too thought Robin was destined for greatness…then I saw his video. Dude had long hair (Strike 1), was singing R&B Rock (Strike 2) and dressed like a freaky boy (Strike 3). Make a long story short NU America Records faded away and so did Robin. Luckily for him a producer by the name of Pharrell Williams took an interest in him and helped breathe new life and a new sound into his second effort. The Evolution of Robin Thicke defnetly sums up this album perfectly. He has the Pop appeal of Justin Timberlake with an adult feel and the vocal stylings of Jon B. His first single Wanna Love You Girl paired up seamlessly with Skate Board P. He held back on his vocal skills to give his audience something new. Someone decided to re-release Shooter on his second album this time featuring Lil’ Wayne. Now I have no idea how this collabo came to pass but the little kids eat it up. On Got To Be Down Robin keeps up with Faith Evans making this a callabo worth listening to. The drums on Cocaine will have you dancing at the drop of the beat. Hopefully the next LP will just be as tight.

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