Get Your Hand Out My Pocket !!!

Whaa Gwaan

As you can see I’ve used a famous line from Spike Lee’s Malcolm X Movie. This is my declaration against the Machine’s that control what we as consumers purchase each and every day. Too many times we are deterred from out own opinions and feeling by the so-called critics and key holders of this industry. You want to buy a CD you get a bullshit review from some magazine (Source, XXL, Etc.) and who can really blame them. When you’re given hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising you best believe Yung Joc will get 5 mics, a XXL or sumn. Not here, my team is doing this for the sole purpose of rattling the feathers of the powers that be, the artists who have gotten lazy off the dollars we’ve put in there pocket. No more will you be lied to, we will give it to you cut and dry. This site isn’t only about Music; we will review Movies, Television, clothes Etc. And were not paying for none of it. You heard right, we’ll get it from boosting, illegal downloads, and our industry friends who get us into listening parties and send us freebies. With this we’ll give you the scoop on what’s hot and what should’ve never been.

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